Recently updated R packages

20 hours ago 1284
Calculate and Analyze Blau Status for (Covert) Organizations
a day ago 1053
Java GUI for R
a day ago 585
Deprecated 'classic' Rcpp API
a day ago 9554
Estimating Disease Prevalence from Registry Data
a day ago 1923
Port of Dparser Package
a day ago 4431
Species Trait Data from Around the Web
a day ago 10007
Range Ancestral State Estimation for Phylogeography and Comparative Analyses
a day ago 1438
Using Fonts More Easily in R Graphs
a day ago 903
Additional Univariate and Multivariate Distributions
a day ago 606
Quantitative Analysis of Textual Data
a day ago 9766
Rank Preserving Structural Failure Time Models
a day ago 0
Elo Rating of a USCF Member
a day ago 1005
Implementation of Augmented Network Log Anomaly Detection Procedures
a day ago 7913
Floating-Point Genetic Algorithms with Statistical Forecast Based Inheritance Operator
a day ago 0
Estimate the Population Size for the Mb Capture-Recapture Model
a day ago 9606
BMRB Data Access and Visualization
a day ago 0
An Interface to Statistical Modeling Independent of Model Architecture
a day ago 0
Calculate Gross Primary Production (GPP) from O2 Time Series
a day ago 835
The MBESS R Package
a day ago 3542
Read-Write Support for 'NumPy' Files via 'Rcpp'
a day ago 0
Nonlinear and Penalized Quantile Regression Coefficients Modeling
a day ago 0
Regular Expressions in 'shiny' Select Lists
a day ago 10961
Variable Selection for Model-Based Clustering of Continuous, Count, Categorical or Mixed-Type Data Set with Missing Values
a day ago 1125
Event History Analysis
a day ago 7906
Multiple Mediation Analysis
a day ago 2040
Statistical Shape Analysis
a day ago 2485
Read and Write 'las' and 'laz' Binary File Formats Used for Remote Sensing Data
a day ago 1412
Descriptive Statistics
a day ago 8165
Discriminating Well Surveyed Spatial Units from Exhaustive Biodiversity Databases
a day ago 6267
Generalised Joint Regression Modelling
a day ago 8810
Query 'HaploReg' and 'RegulomeDB'
a day ago 0
Propensity Score Weighting Methods for Dichotomous Treatments
a day ago 0
The Artificial Neural Networks Algorithm Leabra
a day ago 3899
Adaptive Semiparametric Regression with Simultaneous Confidence Bands
a day ago 0
Create Visual Predictive Checks
a day ago 0
Call Google's 'Natural Language' API, 'Cloud Translation' API and 'Cloud Speech' API
a day ago 0
'Rcmdr' Plugin for Alpha-Sutte Indicator 'sutteForecastR'
a day ago 0
Fitting Semi-Parametric Generalized log-Gamma Regression Models
a day ago 175
Lasso and Elastic-Net Regularized Generalized Linear Models
a day ago 950
API Client Library for 'Wikidata'
a day ago 3224
Trust, but Verify
a day ago 5314
Fire-History Analysis in R
a day ago 10479
Fitting and Predicting Large-Scale Nonlinear Regression Problems using Multi-Resolution Functional ANOVA (MRFA) Approach
2 days ago 1910
Multiplicative Competitive Interaction (MCI) Model
2 days ago 740
R Client for the 'Civis data science API'
2 days ago 2511
Support for Metrological Applications
2 days ago 1794
Histogram-Valued Data Analysis
2 days ago 0
The Spike-and-Slab LASSO
2 days ago 1863
Bayesian Additive Regression Trees
2 days ago 2084
File Conversion for 'Gem Infrasound Logger'
2 days ago 1158
Elastic Functional Data Analysis
2 days ago 548
Searching for Optimal Clustering Procedure for a Data Set
2 days ago 1538
Fast R Functions
2 days ago 1130
Programmatic Utilities for Manipulating Formulas, Expressions, Calls, Assignments and Other R Objects
2 days ago 1442
Immunoglobulin Clonal Lineage and Diversity Analysis
2 days ago 2559
R Tools for Inferring New Immunoglobulin Alleles from Rep-Seq Data
2 days ago 5353
Analysis of Data with Mixed Measurement Error and Misclassification in Covariates
2 days ago 5746
Analysis and Visualization Tools for Genetic Barcode Data
2 days ago 11556
Simulation Studies with Stan
2 days ago 6700
Brazilian Maps from Different Geographic Levels
2 days ago 5388
Tools to Complete Euclidean Distance Matrices
2 days ago 1059
Improved False Positive Control of Gene-Permuting GSEA with Absolute Filtering
2 days ago 379
General Frailty Models: Shared, Joint and Nested Frailty Models with Prediction
2 days ago 1609
Datasets for 'spatstat'
2 days ago 1976
'WeMo Switch' Smart Plug Utilities
2 days ago 2172
Dimension Reduction and Estimation Methods
2 days ago 2316
Read Exported Data from 'SoftMax Pro'
2 days ago 2136
Reinforcement Learning using the Q Learning Algorithm
2 days ago 2064
An Orthogonality Constrained Optimization Approach for Semi-Parametric Dimension Reduction Problems
2 days ago 901
The Moving Epidemic Method Web Application
3 days ago 716
An Arsenal of 'R' Functions for Large-Scale Statistical Summaries
3 days ago 7892
Maximum Likelihood Analysis of Animal Movement Behavior Using Multivariate Hidden Markov Models
3 days ago 802
DataRobot Predictive Modeling API
3 days ago 1828
A Statistically Sound 'data.frame' Processor/Conditioner
3 days ago 2550
Generalized Survival Models
3 days ago 7946
Sparsity Oriented Importance Learning
3 days ago 438
Airborne LiDAR Data Manipulation and Visualization for Forestry Applications
3 days ago 467
Genomic Data Retrieval
3 days ago 2521
Create and Navigate Large Multi-Panel Visual Displays
3 days ago 420
Selected ISO Codes
3 days ago 1180
Estimation and Fit Assessment of Frailty Exponential Random Graph Models
3 days ago 937
Dental Surface Complexity Measurement Tools
3 days ago 2353
Simulation of Study Data
3 days ago 9409
Random Walk Covariance Models
3 days ago 996
Smoothed Bootstrap and Random Generation from Kernel Densities
3 days ago 1390
An Interface to the 'CPTEC/INPE' API
3 days ago 1465
Spatially Explicit Capture-Recapture
3 days ago 1136
Supplementary Item Response Theory Models
3 days ago 394
Text Corpus Analysis
3 days ago 1242
'pinp' is not 'PNAS'
3 days ago 712
Convert Strings into any Case
3 days ago 855
Tools to Work with the 'Dark Sky' 'API'
3 days ago 931
Interpreting High Resolution Mass Spectra
3 days ago 1034
Scale Bar, North Arrow, and Pretty Margins in R
3 days ago 884
Perceptual Analysis, Visualization and Organization of Spectral Color Data in R
3 days ago 1896
Quasi-Periodic Time Series Characteristics
3 days ago 267
Bradley-Terry Models
3 days ago 2012
SOM Bound to Realize Euclidean and Relational Outputs
3 days ago 11427
Batch Processing, Modeling and Visualizing the Dose-Response of High-Throughput Screening Bioassay
3 days ago 927
FDR-Control in Multiscale Change-Point Segmentation