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20 hours ago 1065
Straightforward 'BibTeX' and 'BibLaTeX' Bibliography Management
a day ago 7309
Individual-Based, Spatially-Explicit Simulation and Analysis of Multi-State Movements in River Networks, Homogeneous, and Heterogeneous Landscapes
a day ago 5030
Fuzzy Linear Programming
a day ago 2732
Power and Sample Size Based on Two One-Sided t-Tests (TOST) for (Bio)Equivalence Studies
a day ago 54
'Rcpp' Integration for the 'Armadillo' Templated Linear Algebra Library
a day ago 0
Multisection Composite Distributions
a day ago 1135
A Tool for Automating Download and Preprocessing of MODIS Land Products Data
a day ago 11002
Multivariate Synthetic Control Method Using Time Series
a day ago 9858
Gaussian Process Fitting
2 days ago 5869
Statistical Toolbox for Radiometric Geochronology
2 days ago 12451
Satellite Nightlight Data Extraction
2 days ago 1589
Detection and Correction of Spatial Bias in HTS Screens
2 days ago 3375
Noncompartmental Analysis for Pharmacokinetic Data
2 days ago 474
Data Sets from the History of Statistics and Data Visualization
2 days ago 668
Compare Baseline Characteristics Between Groups
2 days ago 3899
TraMineR Extension
2 days ago 108
Sparse and Dense Matrix Classes and Methods
2 days ago 454
A Shiny GUI for Smith's Mean Measure of Divergence (MMD)
2 days ago 877
Trajectory Miner: a Toolbox for Exploring and Rendering Sequences
2 days ago 1561
Apply Statistical Post-Processing to Improve Sea Ice Predictions
2 days ago 1284
Partition-Assisted Clustering and Multiple Alignments of Networks
2 days ago 910
Allele Retention, Inbreeding, and Demography
2 days ago 1517
Length-Based Spawning Potential Ratio
2 days ago 2092
Reactive Transport Modelling in 1d, 2d and 3d
2 days ago 892
Nested Association Mapping
2 days ago 1022
Statistical Inference of Vine Copulas
2 days ago 1307
Routines for L1 Estimation
2 days ago 11757
Joint Peak Detection in Several ChIP-Seq Samples
2 days ago 11759
Static Adsorption Experiment Plotting and Analysis
2 days ago 1071
Patterns and Statistical Differences Between Two Groups of Strings
2 days ago 1134
Apply Two Fuzzy Numbers on a Monotone Function
2 days ago 5007
Dynamic Programming Algorithm for Peak Detection in ChIP-Seq Data
2 days ago 1786
Nonlinear Nonparametric Statistics
2 days ago 591
Fractional ARIMA (and Other Long Memory) Time Series Modeling
3 days ago 157
Natural Language Processing Infrastructure
3 days ago 241
Sean 'Lahman' Baseball Database
3 days ago 460
Structure for Organizing Monte Carlo Simulation Designs
4 days ago 11534
Randomization Tests
4 days ago 643
An Arsenal of 'R' Functions for Large-Scale Statistical Summaries
4 days ago 102
Database Interface and 'MySQL' Driver for R
4 days ago 893
Finding Heterogeneous Treatment Effects
4 days ago 190
Bayesian Structure Learning in Graphical Models using Birth-Death MCMC
4 days ago 3576
SEER and Atomic Bomb Survivor Data Analysis Tools
4 days ago 798
Sensitivity Analyses for Unmeasured Confounding in Meta-Analyses
4 days ago 604
Exploring Machine Learning Better, Together
4 days ago 438
Spatio-Temporal Generalised Linear Mixed Models for Areal Unit Data
4 days ago 1011
Isoscape Computation and Inference of Spatial Origins using Mixed Models
4 days ago 1306
Functions to Plot Confidence Interval
4 days ago 1446
Modified Profile Likelihood Estimation for Weibull Shape and Regression Parameters
4 days ago 1166
Multivariate VAM Fitting
4 days ago 862
High-Dimensional Repeated Measures
4 days ago 1405
R Interface to the 'Protocol Buffers' 'API' (Version 2 or 3)
5 days ago 684
Heller-Heller-Gorfine Tests of Independence and Equality of Distributions
5 days ago 329
Organic Mass Spectrometry
5 days ago 774
Performs a BLP Demand Estimation
5 days ago 306
Test Analysis Modules
5 days ago 247
Extended Structural Equation Modelling
5 days ago 174
Full Factorials, Orthogonal Arrays and Base Utilities for DoE Packages
5 days ago 269
Statistical Functions for the Delaporte Distribution
6 days ago 735
Clustering of Variables
6 days ago 1789
Additional Tools for Developing Spatially Explicit Discrete Event Simulation (SpaDES) Models
6 days ago 1230
Hierarchical Ensemble Methods for Directed Acyclic Graphs
7 days ago 1586
Evaluate Treatment Selection Biomarkers
7 days ago 1130
Plotting N-T Plane for Decision on Performing an Interim Analysis
7 days ago 737
Radiomics Image Analysis Toolbox for Grayscale Images
7 days ago 257
Data for an Introduction to Statistical Learning with Applications in R
7 days ago 944
Cytobank API Wrapper for R
7 days ago 866
The Bayesian Causal Effect Estimation Algorithm
8 days ago 1966
Efficient Sampling on the Simplex
8 days ago 1909
Simulating Phylogenetic Trees under General Bellman Harris and Lineage Shift Model
8 days ago 805
Using Keel in R Code
8 days ago 266
Tools for Survey Statistics in Educational Assessment
8 days ago 6305
R Commander Plug-in for Risk Demonstration
8 days ago 4203
Graph Matching Library for R
8 days ago 882
Deconvolute Mixed Genomes with Unknown Proportions
8 days ago 413
Template Model Builder: A General Random Effect Tool Inspired by 'ADMB'
8 days ago 1371
Misspecified Models for Gene-Environment Interaction
8 days ago 140
Analysis of Ecological Data : Exploratory and Euclidean Methods in Environmental Sciences
9 days ago 586
Combination of Factorial Methods and Cluster Analysis
9 days ago 4187
Intervention in Prediction Measure (IPM) for Random Forests
9 days ago 3962
Multivariate Bayesian Sparse Group Selection with Spike and Slab
9 days ago 250
A Package for Statistical Analysis in Epidemiology
9 days ago 8690
CUSUM Person Fit Statistics
9 days ago 1149
Automates the Creation of New Statistical Analysis Projects
9 days ago 6689
Simultaneous Confidence Intervals for Ranks
10 days ago 5666
Ordered Homogeneity Pursuit Lasso for Group Variable Selection
10 days ago 1475
R Code for Mark Analysis
10 days ago 4843
Better ALignment CONsensus analYsis
10 days ago 2141
Fixed Rank Kriging
10 days ago 2338
Raw Accelerometer Data Analysis
10 days ago 5446
Bayesian LDA for Mixed-Membership Clustering Analysis
10 days ago 620
Classification, Regression and Feature Evaluation
10 days ago 2783
Machine Learning with Higher-Order Factorization Machines
10 days ago 3506
R Commander Plug-in for Repeated-Measures ANOVA
10 days ago 1471
Empirical Bayes Thresholding and Related Methods
10 days ago 5542
Perform Two-Way Orthogonal Partial Least Squares
11 days ago 4093
Atmospheric Thermodynamics and Visualization
11 days ago 3885
PRIM Survival Regression Classification
11 days ago 1017
Cognitive Diagnosis Modeling
11 days ago 3042
Dynamical Systems Approach to Infectious Disease Epidemiology