Recently updated R packages

a day ago 2799
Dot-and-Whisker Plots of Regression Results
a day ago 188
Robust PCA by Projection Pursuit
a day ago 7847
Routing Distribution, Broadcasts, Transmissions and Receptions in an Opportunistic Network
a day ago 4736
The Grammar of Tables
a day ago 1528
R Interface for Apache Impala
a day ago 1031
Bayesian Inference of State Space Models
a day ago 4328
Image Registration Using the 'NiftyReg' Library
a day ago 2331
Efficient Designs for Discrete Choice Experiments
a day ago 0
A Way of Writing Functions that Quote their Arguments
a day ago 1312
Robust Model-Based Clustering
a day ago 818
Biodiversity Assessment Tools
a day ago 2339
Unified Sequence-Based Association Tests Allowing for Multiple Functional Annotation Scores
a day ago 11336
Measurement and Partitioning of Similarity-Sensitive Biodiversity
a day ago 856
Lightweight GitHub Package Installer
a day ago 1216
Functional Rarity Indices Computation
a day ago 925
Nonlinear Nonparametric Statistics
a day ago 1501
Mediation Analysis for Multiple and Multi-Stage Mediators
a day ago 2971
Pleiotropy Test for Multiple Traits on a Genetic Marker
a day ago 1587
Integrating R with QGIS
a day ago 1419
Estimating and Testing the Number of Interesting Components in Linear Dimension Reduction
a day ago 6224
Particle Tracking and Demography
a day ago 517
Interface to the 'OpenBUGS' MCMC Software
a day ago 470
Collection of Convenient Functions for Common Statistical Computations
a day ago 431
Joint Modeling of Longitudinal and Survival Data
a day ago 1470
Phylogenetic Tree Manipulation Class and Methods
a day ago 1108
Bridge Sampling for Marginal Likelihoods and Bayes Factors
a day ago 1247
NRI for Risk Prediction Models with Time to Event and Binary Response Data
a day ago 228
A 'dplyr' Back End for Databases
a day ago 2415
Sequential Invariant Causal Prediction
a day ago 533
'd3.js' Utilities for R
a day ago 905
Read and Write 'las' and 'laz' Binary File Formats Used for Remote Sensing Data
a day ago 607
Connect to ODBC Compatible Databases (using the DBI Interface)
a day ago 906
IMAGing engINE, Tools for Application of Image Filters to Data Matrices
a day ago 1646
Nearest Centroid (NC) Sampling
a day ago 911
Tools for Geohash Creation and Manipulation
2 days ago 913
Graph Matching Library for R
2 days ago 2001
RStudio Addin for Searching Packages in CRAN Database Based on Keywords
2 days ago 644
Install Packages from Snapshots on the Checkpoint Server for Reproducibility
2 days ago 1381
A Lightweight and Flexible Web Framework
2 days ago 1319
Computerized Adaptive Testing for Survey Research
2 days ago 8792
Genome-Wide Discovery of Pre-miRNAs with few Labeled Examples
2 days ago 382
An Interface to Google's 'BigQuery' 'API'
2 days ago 4172
Read, Tidy, and Display Data from Microtiter Plates
2 days ago 191
Test Coverage for Packages
2 days ago 1305
'Shiny' Applications for the R Package 'Luminescence'
2 days ago 525
Statistical Depth Functions for Multivariate Analysis
2 days ago 1558
Bayesian Analysis of Item-Level Twin Data
2 days ago 11009
Drive the API for TheyWorkForYou
2 days ago 10984
Fish Migration Monitoring
2 days ago 860
Dynamic Hazard Models using State Space Models
2 days ago 5
A Modern and Flexible Web Client for R
2 days ago 1565
Decision Forest
2 days ago 2029
Analysis of Time-Ordered Event Data with Missed Observations
2 days ago 1593
Predictive Approaches in Psychology
2 days ago 2111
Parses Web Pages using Postlight Mercury
2 days ago 1618
Simple and Scalable Statistical Modelling in R
2 days ago 1721
Reads, Annotates, and Normalizes Reverse Phase Protein Array Data
2 days ago 272
Network Visualization using 'vis.js' Library
2 days ago 1549
Simulate Probabilistic Long-Term Effects in Models with Temporal Dependence
2 days ago 1006
R Bindings for 'ZeroMQ'
2 days ago 718
Downloads and Organizes Financial Data for Multiple Tickers
2 days ago 1302
Easily Build and Evaluate Machine Learning Models
2 days ago 1433
Visualize Alpha-Helical Peptide Sequences
2 days ago 1115
Utilities for Generating SQL Queries from Model Objects
2 days ago 579
Use and Explore CRU CL v. 2.0 Climatology Elements in R
2 days ago 1489
Rattle Datasets
3 days ago 1542
Automated Cytometry Gating
3 days ago 10675
Tidy Verbs for Dealing with Genomic Data Frames
3 days ago 3414
Parallel Pseudo Random Number Generator (PPRNG) 'sitmo' Header Files
3 days ago 6879
Power Normal Distribution
3 days ago 792
R Interface to 'TensorFlow'
3 days ago 1599
'ESRI' Bindings for the 'leaflet' Package
3 days ago 1130
Uncertainty Analysis for Species Distribution Models
3 days ago 1195
Security Standards Data Sets
3 days ago 403
Producing and Reproducing Results
3 days ago 890
Test Analysis Modules
3 days ago 2253
'Pubmed' Word Clouds
3 days ago 3321
A Novel Topology-Based Pathway Enrichment Analysis Approach
3 days ago 921
Photobiological Calculations
3 days ago 440
Bayesian Measurement Models for Analyzing Endorsement Experiments
3 days ago 254
Significance Brackets for 'ggplot2'
3 days ago 1309
Extra Functionality for 'leaflet' Package
3 days ago 1261
Hierarchical Algorithm for Post-Hoc Testing
3 days ago 569
Accesses Google Maps APIs to Retrieve Data and Plot Maps
3 days ago 706
Miscellaneous Basic Functions
3 days ago 196
Cognitive Diagnosis Modeling
3 days ago 1235
Utilities for Delaying Function Execution
3 days ago 1963
Regularized Simultaneous Component Based Data Integration
3 days ago 1921
Ratios Between Two Data Sets and Correction for Adhering Particles on Plants
3 days ago 722
Fuzzy Linear Programming
3 days ago 1972
Detection of Kataegis
3 days ago 203
Bayesian Inference for Marketing/Micro-Econometrics
4 days ago 469
Running 'MLwiN' from Within R
4 days ago 506
Add Marginal Histograms to 'ggplot2', and More 'ggplot2' Enhancements
4 days ago 708
Make 'ggplot2' Graphics Interactive
4 days ago 446
Adaptive Sum of Powered Score Test
4 days ago 767
Portable System Utilities
4 days ago 1409
Spatial Methods and Indices
4 days ago 998
PRIM Survival Regression Classification
4 days ago 1380
'ODBC' Connection Class for Package stacomiR