Recently updated R packages

20 hours ago 5367
Visualization and Analysis of Statistical Measures of Confidence
a day ago 5233
Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test for Clustered Data
a day ago 2380
High Dimensional Geometry and Set Operations Using Kernel Density Estimation, Support Vector Machines, and Convex Hulls
a day ago 6046
EBI Metagenomics Portal
a day ago 6307
Greedy Experimental Design Construction
a day ago 2214
Deprecated 'classic' 'Rcpp' 'API'
a day ago 6335
Self Contained Units of Source Code
a day ago 6206
Measures of the Sturdiness of Regression Coefficients
a day ago 115
General Network (HTTP/FTP/...) Client Interface for R
a day ago 119
Tools for Parsing and Generating XML Within R and S-Plus
a day ago 1033
Make 'ggplot2' Graphics Interactive
a day ago 0
GreedyExperimentalDesign JARs
a day ago 226
Streamlined Plot Theme and Plot Annotations for 'ggplot2'
a day ago 578
Quantitative Analysis of Textual Data
a day ago 5422
Visualise Twitter Interactions
a day ago 6643
Visualizing Social Science Data with 'ggplot2'
a day ago 6585
Genetic Data Handling (QC, GRM, LD, PCA) & Linear Mixed Models
a day ago 1628
High Precise Measurement of R Expressions Execution Time
a day ago 700
Query 'HaploReg', 'RegulomeDB', 'LDlink'
a day ago 712
Create Blogs and Websites with R Markdown
a day ago 1071
Package for Environmental Statistics, Including US EPA Guidance
a day ago 4202
Microplots (Sparklines) in 'LaTeX', 'Word', 'HTML', 'Excel'
a day ago 645
Thematic Maps
a day ago 1089
Tufte's Styles for R Markdown Documents
a day ago 6299
Sensitivity Analysis Tools for LSD
2 days ago 750
Thematic Map Tools
2 days ago 3989
Regression Models for Interval Censored Data
2 days ago 12482
Whitening and High-Dimensional Canonical Correlation Analysis
2 days ago 4105
Fast Bayesian Methods for AB Testing
2 days ago 2911
Miscellaneous Functions for the USGS INL Project Office
2 days ago 8
Coloured Formatting for Columns
2 days ago 1403
Package for Community Ecology and Suitability Analysis
2 days ago 532
Multiple Precision Arithmetic
2 days ago 2542
Additional Tools for Developing Spatially Explicit Discrete Event Simulation (SpaDES) Models
2 days ago 2384
A Tool for Automating Download and Preprocessing of MODIS Land Products Data
2 days ago 1197
Econometric Models for Spatial Panel Data
2 days ago 566
Fits a Principal Curve in Arbitrary Dimension
2 days ago 9704
Iterative Solvers for (Sparse) Linear System of Equations
2 days ago 2033
Directly Extracts Complete CANSIM Data Tables
3 days ago 0
Solves a Generic Stochastic Growth Model with a Representative Agent
3 days ago 0
CIE XYZ and some of Its Derived Color Spaces
3 days ago 3718
Geostatistical Modelling with Likelihood and Bayes
3 days ago 12024
Person-Oriented Method and Perturbation on the Model
3 days ago 5276
Design of Experiments Suite: Generate and Evaluate Optimal Designs
3 days ago 2726
Fixed Rank Kriging
3 days ago 8414
Mock the Unix Make Utility
3 days ago 0
RF Variable Importance for Arbitrary Measures
3 days ago 2270
R Code for Mark Analysis
3 days ago 0
Explore the Innards of 'ggplot2' Objects
3 days ago 0
An Interface to Google's Cloud Natural Language API
3 days ago 0
Supports Developing, Building and Deploying R Solution
3 days ago 0
Interface to the National Lakes Assessment
3 days ago 0
Spatially Varying Change Points
3 days ago 96
Provides Iterator Construct for R
3 days ago 0
A Framework for Creating, Managing and Training Multiple Caret Models
3 days ago 8142
Historical Tree Ensembles for Longitudinal Data
3 days ago 13227
Fast Kalman Filter
3 days ago 0
Bayesian Classification and Information Sharing (BaCIS) Tool for the Design of Multi-Group Phase II Clinical Trials
3 days ago 0
Generate Random Samples from the Polya-Gamma Distribution
3 days ago 0
Imputation of Multivariate Time Series Based on Dynamic Time Warping
3 days ago 0
Fast, Dependency-Free Geodesic Distance Calculations
3 days ago 0
A Meta-Analysis Approach with Filtering for Identifying Gene-Level Gene-Environment Interactions with Genetic Association Data
3 days ago 13970
Bayesian LDA for Mixed-Membership Clustering Analysis
3 days ago 0
Read Data from JSTOR/DfR
3 days ago 2428
Data-Limited Methods Toolkit
3 days ago 2136
Efficient and Publishing-Oriented Workflow for Psychological Science
3 days ago 5205
Dynamic Range Boxes
3 days ago 1252
Event History Analysis
3 days ago 4877
Penalized Likelihood Estimation and Dynamic Prediction under the Joint Frailty-Copula Models Between Tumour Progression and Death for Meta-Analysis
3 days ago 11683
Recognize and Handle Data in Formats Used by Swedish Cancer Centers
3 days ago 10499
Multivariate Methods Based on the Oja Median and Related Concepts
3 days ago 91
Survival Analysis
3 days ago 630
Graphical Lasso: Estimation of Gaussian Graphical Models
3 days ago 2390
Bridge Between 'R' and 'Scala' with Callbacks
3 days ago 6804
Generating Various Numerical Representation Schemes for Protein Sequences
3 days ago 4332
Add Trendline of Basic Regression Models to Plot
4 days ago 2489
Adaptive Shrinkage of Correlation and Covariance Matrices
4 days ago 8442
Power Calculations for RD Designs
4 days ago 1594
Data Exchange Between R and 'LabKey' Server
4 days ago 9456
The q-Gaussian Distribution
4 days ago 0
Estimating a (c)DCC-GARCH Model in Large Dimensions
4 days ago 2543
Robust Data-Driven Statistical Inference in Regression-Discontinuity Designs
4 days ago 0
Time Series Outlier Detection
4 days ago 1409
Iterated Racing for Automatic Algorithm Configuration
4 days ago 7385
Client for the 'DKAN' API
4 days ago 7010
Fit the Gambin Model to Species Abundance Distributions
4 days ago 625
L1 (Lasso and Fused Lasso) and L2 (Ridge) Penalized Estimation in GLMs and in the Cox Model
4 days ago 12647
Study Planning and Adaptation of Sample Size
4 days ago 5624
Modelling Spatial Variation in Disease Risk for Areal Data
4 days ago 4834
Spatial Data Framework for ggplot2
4 days ago 2820
Simulation and Prediction with Seasonal ARIMA Models
4 days ago 1020
Functions for Optimal Matching
4 days ago 12111
Dealing with Several Images of a Same Object Constituted of Different Zones
4 days ago 3391
'caret' Applications for Spatial-Temporal Models
4 days ago 626
Data Visualization for Statistics in Social Science
4 days ago 0
Lipid Annotation for LC-MS/MS using Data Independent Acquisition
4 days ago 0
Graph-Based Landscape De-Fragmentation
4 days ago 6984
Implementations of Semi-Supervised Learning Approaches for Classification
4 days ago 2485
Fast Estimators for Design-Based Inference
4 days ago 13708
A Pipeline for Meta-Genome Wide Association