Recently updated R packages

5 hours ago 2262
The 'jamovi' Analyses
10 hours ago 1046
Functions for Optimal Matching
11 hours ago 9202
Model Based Diagnostics for Multivariate Cluster Analysis
14 hours ago 5582
Discriminant Analysis with Additional Information
15 hours ago 9573
Text Processing for Small or Big Data Files
15 hours ago 8572
Linear Parametric Models Applied to Hydrological Series
15 hours ago 2254
A Test Environment for HTTP Requests
15 hours ago 3998
Spatial Modeling on Stream Networks
15 hours ago 446
Kernel Smoothing
15 hours ago 1367
Calculate Text Polarity Sentiment
15 hours ago 1874
An Image Processing Toolkit
15 hours ago 2009
Kernel k Nearest Neighbors
16 hours ago 1860
Multivariate Multiscale Spatial Analysis
16 hours ago 0
Parallel Runs of Reverse Depends
16 hours ago 8897
Statistical Analysis of Chemistry, Histopathology, and Reproduction Endpoints Including Repeated Measures and Multi-Generation Studies
17 hours ago 5544
Multiple Mediation Analysis
17 hours ago 8321
'lp_solve' Plugin for the 'R' Optimization Infrastructure
18 hours ago 1922
Segmentation and Classification of Accelerometer Data
18 hours ago 0
Access 'Upwave' API
18 hours ago 7011
Calling Copy Number Alterations in Amplicon Sequencing Data
18 hours ago 7445
Combine and Export Data Frames
18 hours ago 0
Stratified and Personalised Models Based on Model-Based Trees and Forests
19 hours ago 8921
An Amphibian Systematics Tool
19 hours ago 0
Partially Additive (Generalized) Linear Model Trees
19 hours ago 3411
Nonparametric and Stochastic Efficiency and Productivity Analysis
19 hours ago 0
k-Nearest Neighbor Join for Spatial Data
21 hours ago 8138
Sparse Principal Component Analysis via Random Projections (SPCAvRP)
21 hours ago 3312
Data-Driven Identification of SVAR Models
22 hours ago 5932
Interface to the OpenCage API
22 hours ago 9738
Monte Carlo Option Pricing Algorithm for Jump Diffusion Models with Correlational Companies
23 hours ago 0
Helper Methods for 'simmer' Trajectories
23 hours ago 0
Query Search Interfaces
23 hours ago 10691
Simple Peak Alignment for Gas-Chromatography Data
23 hours ago 0
Insertion/Deletion Dynamics for Transposable Elements
23 hours ago 0
Tests for Same-Source of Toolmarks
23 hours ago 0
Estimating the Error Variance in a High-Dimensional Linear Model
23 hours ago 0
Composite Likelihood Estimation for Spatial Data
a day ago 12232
Computation of the Sparse Inverse Subset
a day ago 0
Simulate Genotypes from the BN-PSD Admixture Model
a day ago 0
Monotonic Association on Zero-Inflated Data
a day ago 9310
'MsgPack' C++ Header Files and Interface Functions for R
a day ago 2114
Read and Write 'las' and 'laz' Binary File Formats Used for Remote Sensing Data
a day ago 5194
Easy Management of File Names
a day ago 1087
Loading Fonts into R
a day ago 1054
Using Fonts More Easily in R Graphs
a day ago 1282
Creating Pretty Documents from R Markdown
a day ago 6286
Kernel for 'Jupyter'
a day ago 2366
Cox Model with Interval-Censored Starting Time of a Covariate
a day ago 8073
Tools to Work with the 'Splash' 'JavaScript' Rendering and Scraping Service
a day ago 2173
EM Algorithm for Model-Based Clustering of Finite Mixture Gaussian Distribution
a day ago 1554
Random Effects Latent Class Analysis
a day ago 3358
'Microsoft Academic' API Client
a day ago 3490
A Unified Framework for Input-Output Operations in R
a day ago 151
Hexagonal Binning Routines
a day ago 2351
Seawater Carbonate Chemistry
a day ago 1208
Create a Mini Version of CRAN Containing Only Selected Packages
a day ago 6239
Critical Line Algorithm in Pure R
a day ago 4985
Apply Function to Elements in Parallel using Futures
a day ago 0
An Integrated Regression Model for Normalizing 'NanoString nCounter' Data
a day ago 3303
A 'Teradata' Backend for 'dplyr'
a day ago 2675
Retrieve Information from 'Google Knowledge Graph' API
a day ago 1715
Spatial Downscaling using the Dissever Algorithm
a day ago 758
Genetic Analysis of Populations with Mixed Reproduction
a day ago 386
Bayesian Network Structure Learning, Parameter Learning and Inference
a day ago 2943
Read Tables in Chunks
a day ago 2468
Tokenization, Parts of Speech Tagging, Lemmatization and Dependency Parsing with the 'UDPipe' 'NLP' Toolkit
a day ago 5379
Reads, Annotates, and Normalizes Reverse Phase Protein Array Data
a day ago 442
Construct Complex Table with 'kable' and Pipe Syntax
a day ago 535
Create Tidy Data Frames of Marginal Effects for 'ggplot' from Model Outputs
a day ago 12256
Interface to 'TensorFlow' Datasets
a day ago 6264
Trajectories Data Mining
a day ago 2393
Bayesian Nonparametric Chinese Restaurant Process Clustering with Entropy
a day ago 5011
Spectral Transmittance Data for Filters
a day ago 2476
Energy Decomposition Analysis
a day ago 12155
Extension for 'R6' Base Class
a day ago 3856
Estimate Kinship and FST under Arbitrary Population Structure
a day ago 3381
Social Mixing Matrices for Infectious Disease Modelling
2 days ago 1829
Time-Course Gene Set Analysis for RNA-Seq Data
2 days ago 1133
Easy Interface to the Statistical Disclosure Control Package 'sdcTable'
2 days ago 1011
Family REGional Association Tests
2 days ago 699
An Interface to the NOAA Operational Model Archive and Distribution System
2 days ago 702
Linguistic Typology and Mapping
2 days ago 93
Mixed GAM Computation Vehicle with Automatic Smoothness Estimation
2 days ago 4924
Weighting for Covariate Balance in Observational Studies
2 days ago 1508
High Performance Algorithms for Vine Copula Modeling
2 days ago 5
Coloured Formatting for Columns
2 days ago 3
Create Compact Hash Digests of R Objects
2 days ago 1331
A Combined Association Test for Genes using Summary Statistics
2 days ago 965
Text Cleaning Tools
2 days ago 177
Robust PCA by Projection Pursuit
2 days ago 732
In-Process Version of 'MonetDB'
2 days ago 1910
Cryptocurrency Market Data
2 days ago 2344
'Rcpp' Bindings for the 'Corpus Workbench' ('CWB')
2 days ago 812
Implementation of a Generic Adaptive Monte Carlo Markov Chain Sampler
2 days ago 929
Diverse Cluster Ensemble in R
2 days ago 1131
Spectral Data for Light-Emitting-Diodes
2 days ago 951
Tools to Quickly and Neatly Summarize Data
2 days ago 503
Compositional Data Analysis
2 days ago 416
Collection of Convenient Functions for Common Statistical Computations
2 days ago 671
Multivariate Response Generalized Linear Models