Recently updated R packages

18 hours ago 4545
Draw Gene Arrow Maps in 'ggplot2'
a day ago 305
Multivariate Imputation by Chained Equations
a day ago 523
Development Utilities for R Packages
a day ago 1854
Parametric Time Warping
a day ago 12125
Wraps the API for the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies
a day ago 2497
Estimate the Gene Expression Levels and Component Proportions of the Normal, Stroma (Immune) and Tumor Components of Bulk Tumor Samples
a day ago 424
R Interface to Apache Spark
a day ago 532
Bayesian Non- And Semi-Parametric Model Fitting
a day ago 2018
Hive Plots of R Package Function Calls
a day ago 2375
Succinct and Correct Statistical Summaries for Reports
a day ago 2271
Multivariate Functional Principal Component Analysis for Data Observed on Different Dimensional Domains
a day ago 791
Less Code, More Results
a day ago 8
Coloured Formatting for Columns
a day ago 8843
Knockoffs for Hidden Markov Models and Genetic Data
a day ago 1543
Analyze Cricketers Based on ESPN Cricinfo Statsguru
a day ago 379
Import 'Stata' Data Files
a day ago 796
Direct Labels for Multicolor Plots
a day ago 1696
Idealisation of Patch Clamp Recordings
a day ago 3800
Open Population Capture-Recapture
a day ago 4125
Optimal Segmentation Subject to Up-Down Constraints
a day ago 1281
Fingertips Data for Public Health
a day ago 3608
Truncated Maximum Likelihood Fit and Robust Accelerated Failure Time Regression for Gaussian and Log-Weibull Case
a day ago 7223
Generation of Regular Factorial Designs
a day ago 5211
Tune Random Forest of the 'ranger' Package
a day ago 1726
JavaScript Charts Tool
a day ago 648
Test Analysis Modules
a day ago 444
Supervised and Unsupervised Self-Organising Maps
a day ago 543
'AWS S3' Client Package
a day ago 981
Encoding Coordinates into 'Google' Polylines
a day ago 813
Accesses Google Maps APIs to Retrieve Data and Plot Maps
a day ago 1010
Time-Weighted Dynamic Time Warping for Satellite Image Time Series Analysis
a day ago 854
Fitting Generalized Linear Models
a day ago 838
Toolbox for Model Building and Forecasting
a day ago 1216
Moment-Based Estimation for Hierarchical Models
a day ago 717
Smoothing Splines for Large Samples
a day ago 1355
Recurrent Event Regression
a day ago 1155
Integrating Phylogenetics and Climatic Niche Modeling
a day ago 1669
Lookup Tables to Generate Poverty Likelihoods and Rates using the Poverty Probability Index (PPI)
a day ago 874
SEC Filings Access
a day ago 896
Common Plots for Analysis
2 days ago 857
Robust Trimmed Clustering
2 days ago 497
R Interface for 'H2O'
2 days ago 3697
Analise multivariada (brazilian portuguese)
2 days ago 2492
Scopus Database 'API' Interface
2 days ago 273
Manipulating Labelled Data
2 days ago 1914
Spatial Covariance Functions
2 days ago 7322
Human 'Connectome' Project Interface
2 days ago 2171
'knitr' Bootstrap Framework
2 days ago 1540
Event History Procedures and Models
2 days ago 773
Phase I/II Adaptive Dose-Finding Design for MTA
2 days ago 785
Phase I/II Adaptive Dose-Finding Design for Combination Studies
2 days ago 1426
Kernel Local Polynomial Regression
2 days ago 706
Brazilian Economic Time Series
2 days ago 11
Unicode Text Processing
2 days ago 7354
Mixed-Frequency GARCH Models
2 days ago 1103
Accumulated Local Effects (ALE) Plots and Partial Dependence (PD) Plots
2 days ago 1358
Update and Manipulate Rd Documentation Objects
2 days ago 1778
Spatial Terms in Generalized Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape Models
2 days ago 2111
Analysis of Plant Disease Epidemics
2 days ago 1867
Interface to the 'DeepL' Translation API
2 days ago 2421
Principal Coordinates of Phylogenetic Structure
2 days ago 12745
Measuring Agreement Using Sklar's Omega Coefficient
2 days ago 12638
Efficient Gibbs-Sampler for Markov-Modulated-Poisson-Processes
2 days ago 1838
Fast Computation of Multivariate M-Estimators
2 days ago 1817
Causal Functional Mediation Analysis
2 days ago 1788
Connecting to Various Database Platforms
2 days ago 12692
Segregation Analysis
2 days ago 1825
Computer Model Calibration for Deterministic and Stochastic Simulators
2 days ago 510
Univariate Feature Selection and Compound Covariate for Predicting Survival
2 days ago 1379
Feature Selection (Including Multiple Solutions) and Bayesian Networks
2 days ago 1830
Bindings for 'Tabula' PDF Table Extractor Library
2 days ago 928
Bayesian Inference for Directed Acyclic Graphs (BiDAG)
2 days ago 10502
Air Pollution Removal by Dry Deposition on Trees
2 days ago 10402
Goodness-of-Fit Test for Weibull (Weibullness Test)
2 days ago 1758
Large Data Sets
2 days ago 475
Compositional Data Analysis
2 days ago 1302
Inference of Parameters of Normal Distributions from a Mixture of Normals
2 days ago 283
Scalable Robust Estimators with High Breakdown Point
2 days ago 1513
Out of Memory Vectors
2 days ago 975
Toolkit for Electroencephalography Data
2 days ago 871
Independent Component Analysis
2 days ago 1087
Robust Instrumental Variables Estimator
3 days ago 7529
Stationarity Test Based on Unsystematic Sub-Sampling
3 days ago 2832
International Classifcation of Diseases (ICD) Data
3 days ago 12631
Star Trek Fonts Collection
3 days ago 343
Dendrochronology Program Library in R
3 days ago 7689
Research Project Directory Generator
3 days ago 983
Constrained Inference for Linear Mixed Effects Models
3 days ago 1138
Create Hyperlinks to Biological Databases and Resources
3 days ago 902
Fitting Frailty Models with the EM Algorithm
3 days ago 844
Query 'HaploReg' and 'RegulomeDB'
3 days ago 999
Ratios of Coefficients in the General Linear Model
3 days ago 1803
Interface to 'MLeap'
3 days ago 1053
A Most Informative Histogram-Like Model
3 days ago 1603
Evolutionary Transcriptomics
3 days ago 5439
Manipulate and Explore UK Biobank Data
3 days ago 802
Bayesian Inference of Non-Linear and Non-Gaussian State Space Models
3 days ago 1084
Locally Stationary Two-Dimensional Wavelet Process Estimation Scheme
3 days ago 3177
Synthetic Likelihood Methods for Intractable Likelihoods
3 days ago 6904
Sensitivity Analysis of Ordinary Differential Equations