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12 hours ago 6345
Dynamic Slicing
21 hours ago 899
Authenticate and Create Google APIs
22 hours ago 2203
Epimed Solutions Collection for Data Editing, Analysis, and Benchmark of Health Units
a day ago 7918
Neyman-Pearson (NP) Classification Algorithms and NP Receiver Operating Characteristic (NP-ROC) Curves
a day ago 11761
Inverse Probability of Censoring Weights to Deal with Treatment Switch in Randomized Clinical Trials
a day ago 15323
Real Time Monitoring of Asset Markets: Bubbles and Crisis
a day ago 15271
Persistence Terrace for Topological Data Analysis
a day ago 13428
Classification Evaluation Metrics
a day ago 8010
Extreme Value Theory for Open Set Classification - GPD and GEV Classifiers
a day ago 15282
Q-Kernel-Based and Conditionally Negative Definite Kernel-Based Machine Learning Tools
a day ago 15049
Comparing Multiple Survival Functions via Empirical Likelihood (EL) Based Tests
a day ago 1606
Segmentation and Classification of Accelerometer Data
a day ago 9406
Load Data from 'MyTarget API'
a day ago 3513
ToxCast Data Analysis Pipeline
a day ago 8351
Bivariate Alternating Recurrent Event Data Analysis
a day ago 15334
Rapid Reconstruction of Time-Varying Gene Regulatory Networks
a day ago 7618
Estimate Regression Models with Instrumental Variables
a day ago 14416
Piece-Wise Exponential Additive Mixed Modeling Tools
a day ago 7874
Longitudinal Concordance Correlation
a day ago 14149
Search CRAN R Packages
a day ago 1747
Package for Reading Binary Files
a day ago 3453
Regional Economic Analysis Toolbox
a day ago 2255
Native R Kernel for the 'Jupyter Notebook'
a day ago 13731
Generate a Random p x p Correlation Matrix
a day ago 1963
Compositional Data Analysis in Practice
a day ago 5574
'Rcpp' Interface for Querying System Configuration Variables
a day ago 2290
Evaluation of the FIM in NLMEMs using MCMC
a day ago 1889
Simulating Neutral Landscape Models
a day ago 668
An R-Tool for Comprehensive Science Mapping Analysis
a day ago 1659
Low-Rank Interaction Contingency Tables
a day ago 797
The 'jamovi' Analyses
a day ago 1351
A Set of Tools that Enhance Reproducibility Beyond Package Management
a day ago 1781
Simulation of Fossil and Taxonomy Data
a day ago 1595
A Friendly Package Manager
a day ago 14968
Enables Efficient Joining of Data File on Common Fields using the Unix Utility Join
a day ago 1046
Tidy Statistical Inference
a day ago 1764
Signal Detection Analysis
a day ago 1849
Bayesian Analysis to Compare Models using Resampling Statistics
a day ago 1454
Voronoi Diagrams and Heatmaps with 'ggplot2'
a day ago 1481
A 'ggplot2' Extension for Plotting Unimodal Distributions
2 days ago 12646
Full Pattern Summation of X-Ray Powder Diffraction Data
2 days ago 13347
Temporal Estimation of Isotopic Values
2 days ago 14542
Uncertainty Decomposition
2 days ago 2150
A Robust and Powerful Test of Abnormal Stock Returns in Long-Horizon Event Studies
2 days ago 721
Wrap R Tools for Debugging and Parametric Programming
2 days ago 12207
The Phylogenetic Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Mixed Model
2 days ago 1011
Get WHO Tuberculosis Data
2 days ago 855
Fixed Effects Nonlinear Maximum Likelihood Models
2 days ago 1389
Methods for Closed Testing with Simes Inequality, in Particular Hommel's Method
2 days ago 5030
An Integrated Framework for Textual Sentiment Time Series Aggregation and Prediction
2 days ago 35
Toolkit for Encryption, Signatures and Certificates Based on OpenSSL
2 days ago 1872
Dimension Reduction and Estimation Methods
2 days ago 347
Scalable Robust Estimators with High Breakdown Point
2 days ago 438
Collection of Convenient Functions for Common Statistical Computations
2 days ago 2078
A Consistent and Intuitive Platform to Explore the Dependencies of Packages on the Comprehensive R Archive Network Like Repositories
2 days ago 3557
Partitioning of Individual Autozygosity into Multiple Homozygous-by-Descent Classes
2 days ago 9190
Fast Region-Based Association Tests on Summary Statistics
2 days ago 3549
Predict Presence of Signal Peptides
2 days ago 1712
Analysing Accelerometer Data Using Hidden Markov Models
2 days ago 2321
R Interface to 'Apache Tika'
2 days ago 186
'ggplot2' Based Publication Ready Plots
2 days ago 2287
Installing, Managing, and Switching Between Distinct Sets of Installed Packages
2 days ago 1083
Functional Regression using Signal Compression Approach
2 days ago 1810
Bayesian Meta-Analysis via 'Stan'
2 days ago 1633
R Bayesian Evidence Synthesis Tools
2 days ago 662
Get Images Out of DICOM Format Quickly
2 days ago 1845
Calculation and Application of p-Variation
2 days ago 1880
Interface to Species Occurrence Data Sources
2 days ago 1321
Annotation of Isotopes, Adducts and Fragmentation Adducts for in-Source LC/MS Metabolomics Data
2 days ago 555
Visualization Package for CanvasXpress in R
2 days ago 1527
Statistical Learning for Individualized Treatment Regime
2 days ago 2633
Create Interactive Graphs with 'Echarts JavaScript' Version 4
2 days ago 3479
R Interface to the Giphy API
2 days ago 2380
Functions for Wind Resource Assessment
2 days ago 596
Bayesian Structure Learning in Graphical Models using Birth-Death MCMC
2 days ago 4913
Modeling, Analysis, Validation and Visualization of Observer Performance Studies in Diagnostic Radiology
3 days ago 13489
Frictionless Data Table Schema
3 days ago 13588
Sequential Quadratic Programming for Fast Maximum-Likelihood Estimation of Mixture Proportions
3 days ago 13405
Fixed Coupon Bond Valuation Allowing for Odd Coupon Periods and Various Day Count Conventions
3 days ago 13439
Estimation of the Generalised Beta Distribution of the Second Kind from Grouped Data
3 days ago 3880
Gaussian Process Modeling of Multi-Response Datasets
3 days ago 13538
Generates Multivariate Nonnormal Data and Determines How Many Factors to Retain
3 days ago 13539
R Interface to Access the 'Majestic' API
3 days ago 13519
Encoder for Google 'Pluscodes'
3 days ago 3375
LogNormal Response Time Item Response Theory Models
3 days ago 13381
Archetypoid Algorithms and Anomaly Detection
3 days ago 13639
Parametric Estimation and Sensitivity Analysis of Direct and Indirect Effects
3 days ago 13392
A 'sparklyr' Extension for Nested Data
3 days ago 173
Serialize R Objects to JSON, JavaScript Object Notation
3 days ago 5853
Estimation and Validation Methods for Subgroup Identification and Personalized Medicine
3 days ago 2302
Methods for Statistical Disclosure Control in Tabular Data
3 days ago 13360
Builds Stepwise GLMs via Train and Test Approach
3 days ago 13506
Mixtures of Gaussian Graphical Models
3 days ago 13383
Epidemiological Report
3 days ago 13418
Market Matching and Causal Impact Inference
3 days ago 13580
Airborne LiDAR Filtering Method Based on Cloth Simulation
3 days ago 13406
Forest Health Evaluation System at the Forest Stand Level in China
3 days ago 3628
ArcGIS Geoprocessing via Python
3 days ago 13414
Create Useful Summaries of the Portal Data
3 days ago 13501
'SEM Shiny'