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11 hours ago 249
Data for an Introduction to Statistical Learning with Applications in R
17 hours ago 2827
Markov-Switching GARCH Models
17 hours ago 10499
Estimate the Gene Expression Levels and Component Proportions of the Normal, Stroma (Immune) and Tumor Components of Bulk Tumor Samples
17 hours ago 5737
Model and Analyse Interval Data
18 hours ago 1105
Convert Html into Text
18 hours ago 7932
Friendly R Startup Configuration
18 hours ago 3379
Conditional Formatting in Data Frames
18 hours ago 6162
Estimation of Causal Effects with Generalized Additive Models
18 hours ago 264
Friendly Regular Expressions
18 hours ago 2478
Reliable Adaption of Big Data with R
18 hours ago 1409
Test Analysis Modules
18 hours ago 2194
Descriptive Statistics, Transition Plots, and More
18 hours ago 968
Custom Inputs Widgets for Shiny
18 hours ago 4656
Submit R Calculations to a Slurm Cluster
19 hours ago 3190
Validate Brazilian Administrative Registers
20 hours ago 5236
Bootstrapped Differences of Time Series
20 hours ago 1677
Easy Model-Builder Functions for 'OpenMx'
20 hours ago 1363
Perform and Display Google Trends Queries
20 hours ago 0
Genome-Wide Regression P-Value (Gwrpv)
20 hours ago 3865
Bayesian Methods for Image Segmentation using a Potts Model
21 hours ago 0
Modified Mann Kendall Trend Tests with Variance Correction Approach
21 hours ago 0
Nested Loop Cross Validation
21 hours ago 1434
Credit Risk Scorecard
21 hours ago 0
Generate Codes to Uniquely and Robustly Identify Individuals for Animal Behavior Studies
21 hours ago 11554
Parametric Voice Synthesis
21 hours ago 4713
Epidemiological Tool for Contact Tracing
23 hours ago 1749
Install Packages from Snapshots on the Checkpoint Server for Reproducibility
a day ago 11346
Bayesian Monotonic Regression Using a Marked Point Process Construction
a day ago 0
Mode Testing and Exploring
a day ago 458
Spatio-Temporal Bayesian Modelling
a day ago 4347
Multiple Automatic Forecast Selection
a day ago 1596
Statistical Methods and Models for Claims Reserving in General Insurance
a day ago 491
Data Visualization for Statistics in Social Science
a day ago 9597
Implementation of SparseDC Algorithm
a day ago 10472
Subgroup Specific Optimal Dose Assignment
a day ago 3451
Construction of Genetic Maps in Experimental Crosses: Full-Sib, RILs, F2 and Backcrosses
a day ago 1775
Analyzing Case-Parent Triad and/or Case-Control Data with SNP Haplotypes
a day ago 1777
GPU Functions for R Objects
a day ago 2517
Machine Learning with Higher-Order Factorization Machines
a day ago 45
Functional Programming Tools
a day ago 117
Fast Truncated Singular Value Decomposition and Principal Components Analysis for Large Dense and Sparse Matrices
a day ago 2207
Multilevel Joint Modelling Multiple Imputation
a day ago 1853
Confidence or Prediction Intervals, Quantiles, and Probabilities for Statistical Models
a day ago 4014
Adjacency-Constrained Clustering of a Block-Diagonal Similarity Matrix
a day ago 3929
Escalation with Overdose Control
a day ago 12444
Analysis of Metabolomics Data
a day ago 0
Read and Search Interface to the 'HL7 FHIR' REST API
a day ago 12657
Subsampling Winner Algorithm for Classification
a day ago 1298
Heller-Heller-Gorfine Tests of Independence and Equality of Distributions
a day ago 2363
Simulation of Study Data
a day ago 2960
Bayes Factors for Hierarchical Linear Models with Continuous Predictors
2 days ago 2874
Greedy Stochastic Block Transition Models
2 days ago 1460
Hierarchical Spatial Autoregressive Model
2 days ago 8894
Interface to the Lake Multi-Scaled Geospatial and Temporal Database
2 days ago 11814
Nearest Neighbor Based Multiple Imputation for Survival Data with Missing Covariates
2 days ago 1685
The Environmental Costs of Flow Regulation
2 days ago 2123
Support for the 'Mathpix' API (Image to 'LaTeX')
2 days ago 11824
Road Condition Analysis
2 days ago 605
Handling and Manipulating Remote Sensing Data
2 days ago 2733
A Framework for Data-Driven Stochastic Disease Spread Simulations
2 days ago 1485
Plot Stacked Areas and Confidence Bands as Filled Polygons
2 days ago 665
Continuous Time Structural Equation Modelling
2 days ago 702
Joint Modeling of Longitudinal and Time-to-Event Data under a Bayesian Approach
2 days ago 304
A Package for Generalised Linear Spatial Models
2 days ago 947
Generalized Competing Event Model
2 days ago 1361
Regularized Autoregressive Hidden Semi Markov Model
2 days ago 1326
Temporal Sensory Data Analysis
2 days ago 1200
Calculate the RR for the GAM
2 days ago 1453
Exact Spike Train Inference via L0 Optimization
2 days ago 1066
Multi-Resolution Scanning for Cross-Sample Differences
2 days ago 1012
Tools for Analysis of Diversity and Similarity in Biological Systems
2 days ago 638
Data Frames in R for Make
2 days ago 1674
An Extensible Approach to Flux Balance Analysis
2 days ago 1793
The Knockoff Filter for Controlled Variable Selection
2 days ago 1945
Tree-Based Varying Coefficient Regression for Generalized Linear and Ordinal Mixed Models
2 days ago 571
Random Forests for Survival, Regression, and Classification (RF-SRC)
2 days ago 1257
Query Cache for HTTP Clients
2 days ago 1256
Use Image in 'ggplot2'
2 days ago 1847
Marine Regions Data from ''
2 days ago 1791
Nested Association Mapping
2 days ago 3798
Venn Diagrams in 2D and 3D
2 days ago 1195
'GeoJSON' Topology Calculations and Operations
2 days ago 4833
Standard Normal Homogeneity Test
2 days ago 1080
Statistical Inference and Sensitivity Analysis for Instrumental Variables Model
2 days ago 1640
Load US Census Boundary and Attribute Data as 'tidyverse' and 'sf'-Ready Data Frames
2 days ago 1221
Open Machine Learning and Open Data Platform
2 days ago 1555
Multivariate Ordinal Regression Models
3 days ago 883
Distance-Based Statistics
3 days ago 865
Quantify the Relationship Between Development Rate and Temperature in Ectotherms
3 days ago 1728
Regularized Simultaneous Component Based Data Integration
3 days ago 609
k-Prototypes Clustering for Mixed Variable-Type Data
3 days ago 4179
Weighting for Covariate Balance in Observational Studies
3 days ago 1563
Rename and Encode Data Frames Using External Crosswalk Files
3 days ago 2291
Zig-Zag Sampler
3 days ago 834
IUCN Redlisting Tools
3 days ago 1526
Wrapper for TC/Govdata360 API
3 days ago 1174
Reconstruction of Daily Data - Precipitation
3 days ago 1123
Analysis of Single-Cell Viral Growth Curves
3 days ago 530
A Statistically Sound 'data.frame' Processor/Conditioner
3 days ago 722
Efficient Sampling for Gaussian Linear Regression with Arbitrary Priors