Recently updated R packages

a day ago 3640
Check the Properties of Common R Objects
a day ago 8384
R Client for GESIS Data Catalogue (DBK)
a day ago 6909
A Fast, Easy-to-Use Database Interface
a day ago 5032
Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System
a day ago 4353
Analysis of Data with Mixed Measurement Error and Misclassification in Covariates
a day ago 3367
Bayesian Whole-Genome Regression
a day ago 10999
A XML-Based Testing Framework for Automated Component Tests of R Packages
a day ago 8286
Supplemental Functions and Datasets for "Handbook of Regression Methods"
a day ago 10825
Calculates Disproportionate Impact When Binary Success Data are Disaggregated by Subgroups
a day ago 1191
Downloads and Organizes Financial Data for Multiple Tickers
a day ago 0
Assessment of Regression Models Performance
a day ago 0
Inspection, Comparison and Visualisation of Data Frames
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Tools for St. Louis Crime Data
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'ggplot2' Extension for Seasonal and Trading Day Adjustment with 'RJDemetra'
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Linear Regression Stability to Significance Reversal
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Read or Write any Format from Anywhere
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Amazon Web Services Compute APIs
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Fast and Robust Deconvolution of Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocyte from Expression Profiles using Least Trimmed Squares
a day ago 0
Approximate Bayesian Inference via Sparse Grid Quadrature Evaluation (BISQuE) for Hierarchical Models
a day ago 0
Assessing Skill of Climate Forecasts on Seasonal-to-Decadal Timescales
a day ago 0
Plots to Evaluate the Business Performance of Predictive Models
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Penalized Estimation of Flexible Hidden Markov Models for Time Series of Counts
a day ago 0
Quantified Risk Assessment Data Collection
a day ago 0
Control How Many Times Conditions are Thrown
a day ago 0
Required 'libphonenumber' jars for the 'dialr' Package
a day ago 4305
Geostatistical Modelling of Spatially Referenced Prevalence Data
a day ago 14838
Kaplan-Meier Estimator with Constraints for Right Censored Data -- a Recursive Computational Algorithm
a day ago 10000
Item Maker
a day ago 1744
Iterated Racing for Automatic Algorithm Configuration
a day ago 1026
MCMC Generalised Linear Mixed Models
a day ago 1899
Polynomials in R
a day ago 7444
Nonparametric Estimation for Interval-Grouped Data
a day ago 253
Interface to Geometry Engine - Open Source ('GEOS')
2 days ago 10158
Simulating and Analyzing Time to Event Data in the Presence of Population Mortality
2 days ago 801
Management of Survey Data and Presentation of Analysis Results
2 days ago 4294
Automated Cleaning of Occurrence Records from Biological Collections
2 days ago 1355
Get EC2 Instance Metadata
2 days ago 9083
Functions to Fit Monotone Polynomials
2 days ago 13357
Smooth-Rough Partitioning of the Regression Coefficients
2 days ago 0
Estimation and Inference Methods for Sorted Causal Effects and Classification Analysis
2 days ago 2338
Converts 'R' Objects to Javascript Object Notation (JSON)
2 days ago 11786
Mediation Analysis for Complex Surveys
2 days ago 8699
Tools and Plots for Multi-Well Plates
2 days ago 5761
Incomplete Block Designs
2 days ago 3428
Teaching Hydrological Modelling with the GR Rainfall-Runoff Models ('Shiny' Interface Included)
2 days ago 13549
Performs Quality Control, Data Normalization, and Batch Effect Correction for 'NanoString nCounter' Data
2 days ago 14085
Simulate Genetic Sequence Data for Pedigrees
2 days ago 11716
Mass Spectrometry Metabolomics Feature Clustering and Interpretation
2 days ago 11530
Tools for Working with Multidimensional Data
2 days ago 4744
Model and Analyse Interval Data
2 days ago 68
A 'dplyr' Back End for Databases
2 days ago 66
Powerful and Reliable Tools for Running System Commands in R
2 days ago 160
Unit Testing for R
2 days ago 12682
Detects Fraud in Online Surveys by Tracing, Scoring, and Visualizing IP Addresses
2 days ago 3628
Common Public Health Statistics and their Confidence Intervals
2 days ago 7340
Dynamic Modeling and Parameter Estimation in ODE Models
2 days ago 6584
Normalisation Tools for Inter-Condition Variability of ChIP-Seq Data
2 days ago 8000
Semi-Supervised Model for Geographical Document Classification
2 days ago 15786
Robust Clustering of Single Cell RNA-Seq Data
2 days ago 13762
Analysis of Quaternary Science Data
2 days ago 1833
Easy-to-Use Tools for Common Forms of Random Assignment and Sampling
2 days ago 4019
Bayesian Estimation for Finite Mixture of Distributions
2 days ago 8753
Finding the Number of Significant Principal Components
2 days ago 11405
Simulating Realistic Gene Expression Data
2 days ago 8603
Classes and Methods for Training and Using Binary Prediction Models
2 days ago 11642
Threshing and Reaping for Principal Components
2 days ago 6830
The Bimodality Index
2 days ago 1711
Class Unions, Matrix Operations, and Color Schemes for OOMPA
2 days ago 6630
Classes and Methods for Cross Validation of "Class Prediction" Algorithms
2 days ago 3066
Classes and Methods for "Class Discovery" with Microarrays or Proteomics
2 days ago 6462
Basic Functions for Pre-Processing Microarrays
2 days ago 8252
Interface to the 'g:Profiler' Toolset
2 days ago 9641
Create and (Interactively) Modify Nested Hierarchies
2 days ago 5298
Classes and Methods for "Class Comparison" Problems on Microarrays
2 days ago 8308
Qualitative Palettes with Many Colors
2 days ago 6688
Machine Learning Models and Tools
2 days ago 395
Accelerating 'ggplot2'
2 days ago 350
Tools for Spatial Data
2 days ago 800
Spatiotemporal Arrays, Raster and Vector Data Cubes
2 days ago 2626
Authentication Services for Azure Active Directory
2 days ago 0
Utility Functions and Data Sets for Data Visualization
2 days ago 0
Busy Indicator for 'Shiny' Applications
2 days ago 0
Robust Statistics: Theory and Methods
2 days ago 897
Interface to 'ECMWF' and 'CDS' Data Web Services
2 days ago 0
Imports Datasets from BCB (Central Bank of Brazil) using Its Official API
2 days ago 10196
Multiple Locus Association Mapping on a Genome-Wide Scale
3 days ago 0
Beautiful Colour Maps for Oceanography
3 days ago 0
Polynomial Regression
3 days ago 0
Nonparametric Tests
3 days ago 0
An Interval Tree Tool for Real Numbers
3 days ago 0
Interactive Document for Working with Basic Probability
3 days ago 13652
Poisson-Tweedie Generalized Linear Mixed Model
3 days ago 2961
Read and Write Ecological Metadata Language Files
3 days ago 4660
Methods for Joint Dimension Reduction and Clustering
3 days ago 10887
Estimate ED50 and Its Confidence Interval
3 days ago 12867
Species-Habitat Associations
3 days ago 3985
Unicode Data and Utilities
3 days ago 351
Selected ISO Codes
3 days ago 2312
Use 'Python' from Within 'R'
3 days ago 3320
Local Correlation, Spatial Inequalities, Geographically Weighted Regression and Other Tools