Recently updated R packages

14 hours ago 4615
Cyclic Coordinate Descent for Logistic, Poisson and Survival Analysis
14 hours ago 6435
CpG Filtering Method Based on Intra-Class Correlation Coefficients
15 hours ago 0
Finding Cancer Driver Proteins with Enriched Mutations in Post-Translational Modification Sites
16 hours ago 7970
Incremental Calculation of Dynamic Time Warping
18 hours ago 6235
PD-Clustering and Factor PD-Clustering
18 hours ago 11074
Performs Bayesian Variable Selection on the Covariates in a Semi-Competing Risks Model
19 hours ago 8705
Hierarchical Multinomial Processing Tree Modeling
a day ago 0
RNA Secondary Structure Module Mining, Comparison and Plotting
a day ago 0
Step-Wise Signal Extraction via Marginal Likelihood
a day ago 928
Command Line Optional and Positional Argument Parser
a day ago 2730
Bayesian Phylogeographic and Ecological Clustering
a day ago 3288
Mendelian Randomization Package
a day ago 3685
Modeling Phylogenetic Signals using Eigenvector Maps
a day ago 0
Multiple Peak Alignment for 2D Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Metabolomics Analysis
a day ago 0
Selective Locally Linear Inference of Cellular Expression Relationships
a day ago 12448
Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Data Management Functions
a day ago 10343
Computes Pdf, Cdf, Quantile, Random Numbers and Provides Estimation for any Univariate Wrapped Distributions
a day ago 3026
Interface to the Knoema API
a day ago 3714
Tools for Single Cell Genomics
a day ago 2654
Package to Parse an INI File, Including Variable Interpolation
a day ago 524
Interface (Wrapper) to MPI (Message-Passing Interface)
a day ago 1617
Test and Item Analysis via Shiny
2 days ago 1719
Quantile Regression in Varying-Coefficient Models
2 days ago 1489
Odds Ratio Estimation and Power Calculation for the Trend in Trend Model
2 days ago 2898
Single to Double Arm Transition Design for Phase II Clinical Trials
2 days ago 1071
Best Subset Selection for Sparse Generalized Linear Model and Cox Model
2 days ago 1533
Graph Matching Library for R
2 days ago 320
Bayesian Non- And Semi-Parametric Model Fitting
2 days ago 7309
Projection Based Clustering
2 days ago 947
Bayesian Inference for Image Boundaries
2 days ago 4318
Interactive Graphs with R
2 days ago 664
Bayesian Evaluation of Variant Involvement in Mendelian Disease
2 days ago 6394
R Bayesian Evidence Synthesis Tools
2 days ago 561
Kalman Filter and Smoother for Exponential Family State Space Models
2 days ago 765
Testing and Plotting Procedures for Biostatistics
3 days ago 252
Graph/Network Visualization
3 days ago 1398
Analysis of Multivariate Data and Repeated Measures Designs
3 days ago 595
Chemometrics with R - Multivariate Data Analysis in the Natural Sciences and Life Sciences
3 days ago 1187
GUI for Cohen's and Fleiss' Kappa
3 days ago 885
Calculates the Probability of Informed Trading (PIN)
3 days ago 2498
Component-Wise MOEA/D Implementation
3 days ago 27
'Rcpp' Integration for the 'Armadillo' Templated Linear Algebra Library
3 days ago 1735
Parameter Inference and Optimal Designs for Grouped and/or Right-Censored Count Data
3 days ago 920
Modelling Spatial Extremes
3 days ago 350
A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using R (2nd Edition)
3 days ago 1116
Credible Visualization for Two-Dimensional Projections of Data
4 days ago 4559
Client for the Cancer Imaging Archive REST API
4 days ago 1510
Swarm Intelligence for Self-Organized Clustering
4 days ago 918
Bayesian Package for Network Changepoint Analysis
5 days ago 675
Allele Imputation and Haplotype Reconstruction from Pedigree Databases
5 days ago 570
Embedding Interactive Charts Generated with ECharts Library into Shiny Applications
5 days ago 470
Global Summary Daily Weather Data in R
5 days ago 1274
Analysis of Visual Meteor Data
5 days ago 488
A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using R (3rd Edition)
5 days ago 306
A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using R (1st Edition)
5 days ago 273
Functions to Automate Downloading Geospatial Data Available from Several Federated Data Sources
5 days ago 672
An Implementation of the Artificial Hydrocarbon Networks
5 days ago 1560
Evaluation of Surrogate Endpoints in Clinical Trials
5 days ago 1681
An Installation Framework for Shiny Apps
5 days ago 676
Isotope Ratio Meta-Analysis
6 days ago 733
Robust Multiple Imputation with Generalized Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape
6 days ago 710
Straightforward 'BibTeX' and 'BibLaTeX' Bibliography Management
6 days ago 3974
Individual-Based, Spatially-Explicit Simulation and Analysis of Multi-State Movements in River Networks, Homogeneous, and Heterogeneous Landscapes
6 days ago 1032
Fuzzy Linear Programming
6 days ago 802
Power and Sample Size Based on Two One-Sided t-Tests (TOST) for (Bio)Equivalence Studies
7 days ago 1332
Multisection Composite Distributions
7 days ago 933
A Tool for Automating Download and Preprocessing of MODIS Land Products Data
7 days ago 905
Multivariate Synthetic Control Method Using Time Series
7 days ago 835
Gaussian Process Fitting
7 days ago 3960
Statistical Toolbox for Radiometric Geochronology
7 days ago 8315
Satellite Nightlight Data Extraction
7 days ago 1026
Detection and Correction of Spatial Bias in HTS Screens
7 days ago 3858
Noncompartmental Analysis for Pharmacokinetic Data
7 days ago 277
Data Sets from the History of Statistics and Data Visualization
7 days ago 688
Compare Baseline Characteristics Between Groups
8 days ago 1960
TraMineR Extension
8 days ago 59
Sparse and Dense Matrix Classes and Methods
8 days ago 507
A Shiny GUI for Smith's Mean Measure of Divergence (MMD)
8 days ago 756
Trajectory Miner: a Toolbox for Exploring and Rendering Sequences
8 days ago 1525
Apply Statistical Post-Processing to Improve Sea Ice Predictions
8 days ago 1244
Partition-Assisted Clustering and Multiple Alignments of Networks
8 days ago 639
Allele Retention, Inbreeding, and Demography
8 days ago 1472
Length-Based Spawning Potential Ratio
8 days ago 1574
Reactive Transport Modelling in 1d, 2d and 3d
8 days ago 945
Nested Association Mapping
8 days ago 671
Statistical Inference of Vine Copulas
8 days ago 1284
Routines for L1 Estimation
8 days ago 9440
Joint Peak Detection in Several ChIP-Seq Samples
8 days ago 10015
Static Adsorption Experiment Plotting and Analysis
8 days ago 1138
Patterns and Statistical Differences Between Two Groups of Strings
8 days ago 1273
Apply Two Fuzzy Numbers on a Monotone Function
8 days ago 4967
Dynamic Programming Algorithm for Peak Detection in ChIP-Seq Data
8 days ago 2923
Nonlinear Nonparametric Statistics
8 days ago 695
Fractional ARIMA (and Other Long Memory) Time Series Modeling
9 days ago 154
Natural Language Processing Infrastructure
9 days ago 238
Sean 'Lahman' Baseball Database
9 days ago 1919
Structure for Organizing Monte Carlo Simulation Designs
9 days ago 8498
Randomization Tests
9 days ago 2361
An Arsenal of 'R' Functions for Large-Scale Statistical Summaries
9 days ago 99
Database Interface and 'MySQL' Driver for R