Recently updated R packages

a day ago 10875
Genetic Algorithm for Wind Farm Layout Optimization
a day ago 0
Comprehensive, User-Friendly Toolkit for Probing Interactions
a day ago 0
Similarity-Based Segmentation of Multidimensional Signals
a day ago 2017
North Symbols and Scale Bars for Maps Created with 'ggplot2' or 'ggmap'
a day ago 9991
Loading NONMEM Output Files with Functions for Visual Predictive Checks (VPC) and Goodness of Fit (GOF) Plots
a day ago 544
Custom Inputs Widgets for Shiny
a day ago 1245
A Tidy API for Graph Manipulation
a day ago 250
Flexible Mixture Modeling
a day ago 94
Modelling Functions that Work with the Pipe
a day ago 464
Linear Test Statistics for Permutation Inference
a day ago 12218
Non-Negative Conjugate-Gradient Minimizer
a day ago 11679
Tools for Simplifying the Population and Querying of SQLite Databases
a day ago 2718
Create and Visualize Hillshaded Maps from Elevation Matrices
a day ago 456
Bindings to Selected 'liblwgeom' Functions for Simple Features
a day ago 8116
Sparse Additive Modelling
a day ago 1995
Client for the 'DKAN' API
a day ago 6713
Biodiversity Data Checks
a day ago 15139
High Precision Swiss Ephemeris
a day ago 7903
Selection, Reverse-Engineering and Prediction in Cascade Networks
a day ago 6438
Simple 'htmlwidgets' Image Viewer with WebGL Brightness/Contrast
a day ago 14887
Reconstruction of Causal Networks for Data with Random Genetic Effects
a day ago 4916
Dose Titration Algorithm Tuning
a day ago 4723
Long Memory Time Series
a day ago 530
Simulation and Analysis of Random Fields
a day ago 410
Mesh Generation and Surface Tessellation
a day ago 13843
Extract Remote Sensing Vegetation Phenology
a day ago 887
Treatment of Zeros, Left-Censored and Missing Values in Compositional Data Sets
a day ago 1496
Formal Psychological Models of Categorization and Learning
a day ago 419
Vector Generalized Linear and Additive Models
a day ago 117
Tools for Handling Spatial Objects
a day ago 14286
Estimation and Prediction for Remote Effects Spatial Process Models
a day ago 3335
Fiber Length Determination
a day ago 13713
Sampling from Order Statistics of New Families of Distributions
a day ago 4403
Versatile Ultra-Fast Spectral Clustering for Single and Multi-View Data
a day ago 3856
An Implementation of Non-Dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm III for Feature Selection
a day ago 6418
Opal R and Datashield Utils
a day ago 1505
Tidy Temporal Data Frames and Tools
a day ago 10714
Optimos Prime Helps Calculate Autoecological Data for Biological Species
a day ago 11802
'A Collection of Physical and Chemical Adsorption Isotherm Models'
a day ago 13685
Visualize Data for Host and Viral Population from 'SMITIDstruct' using HTMLwidgets
a day ago 2461
Sequential Quadratic Programming for Fast Maximum-Likelihood Estimation of Mixture Proportions
a day ago 13822
Stratified-Petersen Analysis System
a day ago 1986
'ggplot2' Based Plots with Statistical Details
a day ago 1319
Cox Model for Case-Cohort Data with Stratified Subcohort-Selection
a day ago 2251
Filtering Satellite-Derived Locations
a day ago 1356
Automated Method for Verbal Autopsy
a day ago 748
Seamless Integration Between R and 'Julia'
2 days ago 1335
Local Principal Curve Methods
2 days ago 1159
Functions for Time Series Analysis
2 days ago 2018
Comparing Multiple Survival Functions with Crossing Hazards in R
2 days ago 1126
'rquery' for 'data.table'
2 days ago 676
Create 'Table 1' to Describe Baseline Characteristics
2 days ago 1846
Modified Sequential Probability Ratio Test (MSPRT)
2 days ago 1808
Design and Analysis of Clinical Non-Inferiority or Superiority Trials with Active and Placebo Control
2 days ago 1148
Analysis of Basketball Data
2 days ago 1329
Downloads, Unpacks and Tidies Legislative Data from the Brazilian Federal Senate and Chamber of Deputies
2 days ago 1601
Helpers for 'OOP' in R
2 days ago 1279
Quadratic Programming with Absolute Value Constraints
2 days ago 85
Tools for Working with Categorical Variables (Factors)
2 days ago 1196
Create Pivot Tables in R
2 days ago 541
Summarize CRAN Check Results in the Terminal
2 days ago 4434
2 days ago 1891
Read Data Files from ActiGraph Monitors
3 days ago 1300
Tools to Gather Data from Major League Baseball Advanced Media
3 days ago 1745
Network-Based Genome Wide Association Studies
3 days ago 2364
Utilizes the Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model to Perform Strategic Option Analysis and Plot Option Strategies
3 days ago 1467
An Implementation of Matrix Mathematics
3 days ago 1570
Import Various Data File Types as a Rectangular Form Using a File Picker Dialogue Box
3 days ago 1465
Consistent Significance Controlled Variable Selection in Linear Regression
3 days ago 1419
'NEOS' Plug-in for the 'R' Optimization Interface
3 days ago 908
Higher Order Likelihood Inference
3 days ago 1665
Inverse Probability of Censoring Weights to Deal with Treatment Switch in Randomized Clinical Trials
3 days ago 672
Database Preferences and Skyline Computation
3 days ago 924
Water Resources System Simulator
3 days ago 1151
Plot Stacked Areas and Confidence Bands as Filled Polygons
4 days ago 2096
Statistical Methods for Phenology Analysis in Temperate Fruit Trees
4 days ago 271
Fast Nearest Neighbor Search Algorithms and Applications
4 days ago 1490
Tools for Analyzing MCMC Simulations from Bayesian Inference
4 days ago 709
A Grammar of Animated Graphics
4 days ago 6685
A 'Neo4J' Driver
4 days ago 2658
Psychometric Meta-Analysis Toolkit
4 days ago 1447
Quickly Create Elegant Regression Results Tables and Plots when Modelling
4 days ago 1171
Interface to the 'Open Tree of Life' API
4 days ago 4869
Tidy Data Validation Reports
4 days ago 4086
Analytic Hierarchy Process for Survey Data
4 days ago 587
Bayesian Structure Learning in Graphical Models using Birth-Death MCMC
4 days ago 1789
Machine Learning Models and Tools
4 days ago 2224
Model-Averaged Tail Area Wald (MATA-Wald) Confidence Interval
4 days ago 5099
Bayesian Regression with Time-Varying Coefficients
4 days ago 3
A Grammar of Data Manipulation
4 days ago 2128
Create Tables from Different Types of Regression
4 days ago 799
Preliminary Visualisation of Data
4 days ago 1872
Instantaneous Rate of Green Up
4 days ago 8968
Read Ethoscope Data
4 days ago 962
Tools at the Intersection of 'purrr' and 'dplyr'
4 days ago 43
Read Excel Files
4 days ago 7372
R We There Yet? Visualizing MCMC Convergence in Phylogenetics
4 days ago 2293
Work with Open Road Traffic Casualty Data from Great Britain
4 days ago 1143
Efficient Phylogenetics on Large Trees
4 days ago 2177
Kaplan-Meier Plot with 'ggplot2'